How might we help businesses increase pet adoption & better connect pet adopters with potential pets?

Jee Rim | Nick Simons | Hailey Motooka | Amy Lu

Project Overview

In the Interaction Design Studio course, our team was assigned to explore the pet adoption domain, identifying problem areas and design opportunities. We began our process with secondary and primary research (visited a few cat cafes in the city) and landed on 3 research goals below.

My Role

Product Design | Visual Design | Branding
Interaction Design | Guerilla Research



  1. Discover pain points in the adoption process.
  2. Understand constraints in the adoption process.
  3. Making adoption process preferrable for the users.
Getting in the Weeds of Guerilla Research

Customer and Business Owner need indication of a cat’s personality in order to foster a social environment within the cat cafe.

Customer persona
Business owner persona



  1. Business owners need to better connect their pets with potential adopters.
  2. Pet adopters need to better assess the personality of a pet.
  3. People with busy schedules need to have the flexibility to adopt a pet without needing to travel to multiple cat cafes & shelters.
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Communicating Needs Through a Storyboard Narrative

We came up with 5 final scenarios that would address needs either by lowering the commitment for adoption, providing users with better indication of a cat’s personality, or both.

Dating Around to Validate Self Worth Needs

After creating the storyboards, we then conducted speed-dating research in order to determine whether or not the needs identified in research are valid, and whether or not the ideas presented effectively address those needs. From the first round of speed-dating, we were able to validate that pet adopters need a better way to assess the personality of a pet, as well as the need for people with busy schedules to have the flexibility to adopt a pet.

Testing our storyboards
Speed dating results



A Live Stream Viewing that offers Users the Flexibility to see a Range of Cats from Diverse Locations

In our low-fi prototype we feature an About section as well as a map section that shows adoption centers’ location. As users click on a location, they can view their cats available as well as their live streams.

Current cat adoption websites offer insufficient information about available cats. As a way to provide up-to-date information for customers and also provide users the flexibility to see diverse cats from multiple cat adoption centers, we created a live stream solution that would allow users to click on different adoption centers and view their live streams.

Through live streams, users can glimpse cats in a natural and social environment, allowing them to gauge individual cats’ personalities without needing to take the time to visit a café.

A Personality Quiz to Match Cats with Adopters

As per our user research, customers need a better way to understand what types of cats would be a good match with them. Currently, users have to spend a lot of time with potential cats to get a feel of their personality. We aim to solve this problem by providing a personality quiz. With this short 10-question quiz, users can quickly come to understand which cats their personalities best match.

Mobile User Flow

Mobile Designs

Live Stream Prototype
Personality Quiz Prototype

Desktop Designs

Post-Project Reflection

Due to the time constraint, we weren’t able to conduct usability testing on the prototype. However, after the project ended, I did some quick user testing on the prototypes and found that users really enjoyed the personality quiz solution, in that it provided quick recommendations.

But users were confused about the multiple camera views in the mobile live stream page. One participant raised an interesting point: if the room is a 360 panoramic view, why do you need other camera views? So for now, I removed multiple camera view functions, but to get a more accurate consensus, additional user testing is needed.